Buffet Party


The time is now! Let’s have a healthy and delicious buffet party. We curated a combination of soups and toppings for you to have nothing else to do but lay it all out on your buffet table. Spread out a pile of bowls, spoons and serving dishes, and let the fun begin! This serves 10 guests.

Our Buffet Party Handbook

Lay out all the bottles on the table. They will look so pretty in all their bold colors. If you think the party will go on for several hours, you can put the bottles in a large champagne bucket on ice. It will look pretty too. Unwrap all the toppings and place them in serving trays. You can slice up the cucumbers in advance and cut the avocados in halves.

Each guest grabs a bowl, and fills it up with the soup they like. It could be one flavor, or mix and match flavors in your bowls to create swirls of colors. You can’t get it wrong so feel free to mix 3 or 4 flavors at once, it will still taste delicious. Kids love to do this too because it feels like arts and craft! Once guests poured some soup in their bowl, they can customize further by grabbing toppings from the table and adding on top of their soups.

Fun guaranteed! And the most unique buffet style party ever! Please take pics we’d love to see. If you’d like to pair this buffet party with wine, we recommend a nice Rosé, or a Sancerre, or a Sancerre Rosé. Champagne is also a great option.

Your Buffet Soups:

To get your party really popping in colors we selected the soups below. If you’d like more soups, and additional flavors, you can top up your order by adding individual soups from the individual soup section of the e-shop into your cart.

2 x
L.A. Hello Yellow Soupe – 16 oz
yellow tomato, non-gmo corn, yellow bell-pepper, olive oil, sherry vinegar, onion, pink salt, jalapeno, garlic, cilantro
2 x L.A. Cool Beets Soupe – 16 oz
tomato, cucumber, beet, raspberry, onion, gf bread, celery, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, sunflower seed, fig, pink salt, parsley, garlic
2 x L.A. Classic Soupe – 16 oz
tomato, bell-pepper, cucumber, grape, pine nut, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, pink salt, basil, ginger, garlic
2 x L.A. Fruit & Nut Soupe – 16 oz
cucumber, grape, shallot, hazelnut, gf bread, lemon, sherry vinegar, olive oil, pink salt, parsley, garlic
2 x L.A. Berry Happy Soupe – 16 oz
Ingredients: tomato, strawberry, pepper, olive oil, cashew, date, pink salt, mint, basil

Your Buffet Toppings:

We selected an assortment of toppings below. You can always add more from the toppings section of the e-shop. But we think this should cover 10 guests easily.

5 x
beautiful locally grown avocados
Local avos, organic and ripe. We don’t add avo to our recipes so that you can add it as a topping. It’s always a great idea!

2 x Cukes
10 persian cucumbers
Rinse, slice up and add as a topping. Use left over in your water. Keep the skin on, it has chlorophyl in it, which is absolutely great for you, oui oui!

2 x Superseed+Fruit
raw sunflower kernels, raw pumpkin kernels, raisins, cranberries, raw flax seeds, blueberries, raw chia seeds, cherries, Goji berries, raw hemp kernels.
Great source of energy and versatile topping that goes well on top of any of our soups.

2 x Superseed+Nut
Ingredients: pine nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds
This combination of nuts and seeds is not found often in stores, and it’s our fave nuts medley to throw on top of our soups.

2 x Garlic Croutons
Sourdough, garlic, parsley, olive oil and salt
Delicious vegan gourmet croutons! No preservatives, no sugar and no artificial flavors. Da best!

2 x Strawberry Chips
Hand-cut strawberries, that are naturally air dried, and then dehydrated. Absolutely no sugar or sulphur added
Magical and unexpected topping for our soups. It adds a sophisticated layer for your taste buds.

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