Looking After That Body of Yours...

Our soups are raw and stay simple, honest and full of goodness

Clean Eating with Merci Maman Plant-Based Raw Chilled Soups

It's not easy staying healthy these days. Especially when there are things like ice cream and armchairs in the world. Even juices that have the ambition to keep you in shape are packed with sugar. That's why we've spent the last couple years squashing raw veggies into blenders and combining them with the healthiest fats from local California nuts and olive oil in order to make raw super bomb soups served chilled. 

So it's a little bit easier for you to do yourself some good. 

Although the health benefits of eating veggies are well known, most of the veg we eat are overheated, over processed, or just robbed of their fiber content in a cold press. We're on a mission to change that by making sure we preserve the richness of each ingredient in our tasty raw soups. The soups are healthy and convenient so you can eat or drink them when you're out and about. Nothing like sipping a raw soup  on a bench to brighten your day.

Merci Maman soups are a real meal, they’re not loaded in sugar, they have the fibers and vitamins that you need. And you can enjoy them with an infinite variety of toppings and stack up proteins on top. Any nuts, seeds or diced up avo will serve as a great add-on.

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