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LA Soupe is a blend of influences from my childhood in France, and inspirations from L.A. lifestyle.

Merci Maman Chilled Soups Founder Diane Montoriol

When I was a little girl I spent a lot of time at my grandma’s house in the South of France. She was very motherly and made me delicious chilled soups from her vegetable garden almost everyday to make sure I got all my vitamins and fibers. The first spoonful was like a poem of flavors coming together, and the colors were so naturally bold it looked like I was eating a bowl of ice cream.

I miss my grandma everyday as she was a formidable human being. So I decided to recreate her recipes and added a twist of my own to transform chilled soups from just an appetizer to an actual fulfilling meal you can have everyday, super healthy delicious, completely vegan and gluten-free, never heated so that all the vitamins are retained, and they can be loaded with an infinite variety of superfood toppings. It was easy to do in Los Angeles, with the amazing produce and the mediterranean-like climate!

Heat is never applied to L.A. SOUPE. Raw ingredients are cold-blended less than 30 seconds, which means all the vitamins are preserved. Blending makes it more nutrient-dense than a salad, and you retain all fibers from the produce. There are tons of combinations to try with the toppings. And most importantly, it’s really delicious!

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