In texture, thickness and color it looks and feels like a bowl of melted ice cream!!!

Even though L.A. SOUPE is vegan and never heated, we can achieve creaminess and thickness thanks to olive oil, retained fibers from the vegetables, and then depending on which L.A. SOUPE you take home, tree nuts, gf bread, or certain peppers that give out a creamy texture.

It tastes fresh! You’ll feel like you’re somewhere in the South of France and just spent the morning in a farmers market. Pour yourself a bowl and you’ll find out!

Heat is never applied to L.A. SOUPE. Raw ingredients are blended cold for less than 30 seconds, and never exposed to heat, which means vitamins are preserved.

Blending makes it more nutrient-dense than a salad, and you retain all the fibers from the produce.

For lunch or dinner, with or without toppings depending on your appetite. For example pour yourself 8 oz of L.A. Yellow SOUPE, sprinkle some diced cucumbers or avocado on top, and you’re golden. If you plan to eat the whole 16oz bottle and you also add a small handful of toppings, it will be a complete meal. The water and fibers from the freshly blended produce will keep you comfortably full until your next meal and the vinegar will help you digest. But if you’re anything like our founder, you might end up eating 32oz a day! But she’s a bit….passionate!

No. Eat it, don’t heat it! LA SOUPE is made fresh with fresh produce and must remain refrigerated and eaten chilled. It has ingredients like cucumbers or strawberries that wouldn’t like to be heated. Also the whole point of L.A. SOUPE is to retain a maximum of vitamins that typically get killed when you heat them up. No to Heat, Yes to vitamins and fresh farmer’s market taste!

We like to eat L.A. SOUPE with an infinite variety of seasonal toppings that make it fun and transform it into a complete meal, no bread required! Check our order page to see which toppings we recommend for each SOUPE. The idea is to have fun with it and be creative. It’s hard to go wrong.

Yes! We love it with a glass of Rose or Sancerre, or Sancerre Rose!

Yes! L.A. SOUPE is nutrient-dense because so many great veggies are blended into it. It’s loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory foods. And kids actually love it because it’s colorful and looks like melted ice cream! Disclaimer: L.A. SOUPE is not pasteurized or processed, so please keep in mind that therefore it may contain harmful bacteria that may cause serious illness in children, the elderly and persons with weakened immune system. Same thing when you buy unpasteurized juice made fresh to order at the juice store or unpasteurized milk.

6 days in your refrigerator from your date of purchase.

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