Merci Maman Delivery – How it works

When do you Deliver?

We deliver on Mondays

  • If you place your order by our Cut Off Time you get your delivery the following Monday.
  • Our Cut Off Time is Wednesdays 5pm PT.
  • If you miss the Cut Off Time, your order will get delivered the Monday after next.
  • You can choose a time slot at checkout to decide what time you prefer to get your delivery.
  • You can also order ahead for a Monday in the future.

Typically we will add a reminder at the top of our website with the next Delivery Date.

Where do you Deliver?

We deliver exclusively in Los Angeles

  • Go to our order page and enter your zip code to find out if we already cover your area.
  • If we don’t cover your zip code and you live in Los Angeles, please email us at and we might be able to make an exception depending on our drivers availability.


Where should I leave my empty bottles?

Same Spot you want your order delivered on your delivery day.

  • When you log in to your account, you will see you have a Bottle Deposit Credits Wallet in your Account Section. When you leave rinsed bottles at your door on the day of your delivery, we will pick them up and credit you $1 for each un-damaged bottle you return. 
  • Please wait up to 48 hours to see the credit on your account as we have to inspect the bottles and make sure they have been rinsed properly and are not cracked or chipped. You can use this credit towards your next purchase. It will be deducted from your total at checkout.
  • Isn’t that supercool? 
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